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Our Core Values


Even the most talented dancer will not reach their fullest potential without consistent training. Training breeds progress, and progress breeds mastery. It is through training that young dancers learn the value of hard work and incremental success.

At Axis Dance, you can find training in just about any style of dance, as well as acrobatics and aerial arts. We are open 6 days a week and offer group and private lessons. Unlimited-class packages are available for those seeking to maximize their education.


Talent should be a source of inner pride and outward humbleness. Acknowledge your talents. Challenge and hone them. Share your gifts, but always remain humble and gracious.

Axis Dance is home to a tight-knit, talented team of educators and choreographers that will shape your child's talents. We also house an award-winning competition program made up of dedicated, talented dancers ages 4-19.


Training can be grueling, even–and perhaps especially–for highly talented dancers. It is tenacity that gets you through these times. Be passionate, zealous, and determined. You will sweat, you will bruise...and you will persist.

The instructors at Axis Dance provide coaching and one-on-one mentorship to all of their students. We help each child reach their individual goals, from the mastery of a particular skill to placement on a high school dance team to pursuit of an education or career in the arts. 


The ability to work with others is an essential skill for success in life. Develop trust in yourself and others. You cannot do it alone, and you won't have to.

At Axis Dance, we encourage our dancers to work together and to inspire and motivate each other. Our instructors, dancers, parents, and other relatives are all part of The Axis dance family, and we value what everyone brings to the mix.

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