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Sign Up Plan

Axis will come and hold an agreed upon number of classes, decided between Axis and the school's director. In this plan, individual parents will sign up their children online and those students will be grouped by age, collected by an instructor at the time of class and taken to a common room/classroom to have class. They will be returned to their classroom when class is over! This is best option for an after school program, or if placed during the children’s physical play/outside time, to not take away from any academic time the children have set into their daily routine


  • Individual choice of signup (no children uninterested forced to take class) 

  • Parents pay Axis Dance directly 

  • Less paperwork for the school 

Axis Dance will instruct 1 to 4 (school’s choice) 45-minute to one hour dance or acrobatic classes inside your school. The space utilized can be classrooms or a common area. The rate will be by classroom. The age groups for each classroom will be differentiated by the school, either by ages, schedules, or classroom levels. The length of class and day of the week can be selected from the following Monday-Friday 11AM-5PM. Please indicate the hour block and day of the week you would like. If you have several children, you may request multiple time blocks and/or days.  Classes can take place at our facility or your school. This plan opts all of your students into the program, allowing you to incorporate exhilarating music and movement to your curriculum. ​


  • Everyone’s included

  • One inclusive price

  • Prescheduled Curriculum covered for you!

  • Waiver forms provided per child.

Full School Plan


Intro Session: March 2- June 12, 2020


Summer Session A: June 15 - July 17, 2020 Summer Session B: July 20 - Aug 28, 2020

Fall Session: Sep 10, 2019 - Dec 20 2020 Spring Session: January 4 - TB

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